Female Counter-Top Articulated Dummy


PRICE: £149.00 Excl. VAT


This is a female counter-top articulated dummy It is perfect for displaying t-shirts by the till or on top of cabinets. In addition, these dummies are a popular way to display merchandise at an exhibition or at a music concert. This is partly because the base is adjustable and therefore very practical.

This female counter-top articulated dummy has a linen covered body. In addition, it has wooden arms which are a light colour. These wooden arms bend at the shoulder, elbow and wrist. The linen covered body, with the wooden arms, results in a mannequin that has a really retro feel. Not only is this an excellent way to attract customer attention, it also adds an edge to a clothing display.

Female Counter-top Articulated Dummy

  • Linen covered body form
  • Wooden arms that bend at the joints
  • Retro-feel mannequin that adds atmosphere to a display
  • Ideal for standing on cash counters and cabinets
  • Popular way to display t-shirts
  • Adjustable wooden base with a minimum height of 300 mm and a maximum of 790 mm
  • 610 mm (24″) tall body (with cap)
  • 830 mm (32.6″) bust, 620 mm (24″) waist and 760 mm (30″) hips
  • 400 mm (15.7″) from shoulder to shoulder
  • 533 mm (21″) arm length from shoulder to cuff

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