Child 6-8 Articulated Mannequin


PRICE: £174.95 Excl. VAT


This child mannequin has wooden arms that articulate. Use one of these mannequins to create an attention grabbing children’s clothing display. This child mannequin represents a child that is 6 to 8 years old. As a result, it is 142 cm (4′ 7″) tall. In addition, it is proportioned to fit this age of clothing. So its hips measure 65 cm (25.5″), its waist measures 59 cm (23.3″) and its chest measures 67 cm (26.3″).

The articulated child mannequin’s arms are made from wood and its body is made from durable white fibre glass. It stands on a glass base which attaches through the mannequin’s calf with a spigot.

Child 6-8 Articulated Mannequin For Retail Displays

  • Durable white fibre glass body
  • Wooden arms with articulate at the joint
  • Represents a child mannequin that is between 6 and 8 years old
  • Stands on a glass base
  • 142 cm (4’7″) tall
  • 65 cm (25.5″) hips, 59 cm (23.3″) waist and 67 cm (26.3″) chest
  • International delivery available

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