Matt White Male Mannequin with Sculpted Features “William”


PRICE: £186.55 Excl. VAT


William is a white male mannequin with sculpted features and hair. At 190 cm (6’2″), William is our tallest male mannequin. The second tallest is our sculpted Tom. This white male mannequin with features has sculpted hair and a strong jaw with high cheek bones. As a result, he is a very popular fashion mannequin. William’s pose is a relaxed standing pose. His arms are relaxed by his side.

William gives you the choice of whether to attach his circular metal base through his foot or through the calf. The spigot and the base are provided with William. As a result of this flexibility, you have more choice in the way you would like William to display your clothes. In addition, his matt white finish creates a simple look that offers you a great deal of versatility. His relaxed pose and finish ensure that you can use William to display your clothes throughout the year.

This white male mannequin with sculpted features is 190 cm (6’2″) tall. He has a 95 cm (37″) chest, a 77 cm (30″) waist and 98 cm (39″) hips.

Matt White Male Mannequin with Sculpted Features “William”

  • Matt white finish for versatility
  • Fully sculpted face and hair – ideal for use as a shop mannequin
  • Choose whether to attach the base through the foot or calf
  • 190 cm (6’2″) tall
  • 95 cm (37″) chest, 77 cm (30″) waist & 98 cm (39″) hips
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If you need help choosing, our article ‘how to buy the right mannequins for your shop‘ may be useful to you. But should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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