White Gloss Male Mannequin “Jove”


PRICE: £174.99 Excl. VAT


Jove is a white gloss male mannequin. He is similar to our Hal mannequin except he has a larger build. Although he is the same height as Hal (186 cm, 6′), he has a larger chest, hip and waist measurement. Consequently, this white male mannequin has a 100 cm (39″) chest and waist and hip measurements of 84 cm (33″) and 99 cm (39″) respectively.

Jove has a featureless face and a square glass base. For ease of use, the glass base attaches to Jove through his foot or the back of his calf. Jove is a classic style of male mannequin. His clean and simple shape and colour ensures that he can make clothes look their best throughout the year.

White Gloss Male Mannequin “Jove”

  • Simple gloss white featureless face
  • 6′ tall with a relaxed stance
  • A more muscular frame to make clothes look their best
  • Classic styling
  • A spigot that attaches to the foot or calf for ease of use
  • 100 cm (39″) chest, 84 cm (33″) waist and 99 cm (39″) hips

If you would prefer a more slim white gloss male mannequin, please take a look at “Hal“. Odette is a gloss white female figure that complements Jove’s styling.

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