White Gloss Male Mannequin “Hal”


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This white gloss male mannequin is known as a “Hal”. Hal has a glossy white featureless face and a relaxed stance. Hal mannequins are popular shop mannequins because they have a versatile pose and a simple finish. As a result, Hal can be used to make clothes stand out all year round.

Hal has a square glass base that attaches to his foot or calf with a spigot. Hal is 185 cm tall (6′) tall and has a fashion mannequin shape. His waist is 78 cm (31″) and his chest and hips measure 97 cm (38″) and 96 cm (37″) respectively. If you would prefer a white gloss male mannequin that has a broader set, you may prefer Jove.

This is the white gloss male mannequin Hal, but he also has a female counterpart called Odette. In addition, Hal is also available in a black gloss version.

White Gloss Male Mannequin “Hal”

  • Relaxed stance
  • White glossy featureless face
  • 6′ tall with a classic pose
  • 97 cm (38″) chest, 78 cm (31″) waist and 96 cm (37″) hips
  • The base attaches through Hal’s foot or calf

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