White Gloss Female Mannequin “Athena”


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The Display Centre supply a range of mannequins in different sizes and poses. This mannequin is a white gloss female mannequin. Her name is Athena.

Athena makes a fantastic clothes model. Her pose is natural and relaxed, which helps to ensure that while looking beautiful, she also does not distract from your merchandise. This is also aided by her featureless face which while being attractive, also does not detract from your merchandise. Her neck is well proportioned and so allows for a large scarf to be worn without the mannequin looking overpowered.

The benefit of a gloss white female mannequin is that they are simple which ensures that your merchandise is the most prominent thing. In addition, they are a classic style and so will not go out of fashion as quickly as some of the more stylised mannequins that are available. A gloss finish can help the mannequin retain its clean look for longer as they can be easier to gently wipe clean than some matt mannequins.

Athena is simple to stand up as she attaches to a glass base, which can be attached through the foot or the back of the calf. As the base is glass, it does not detract from your overall display and does not draw attention away from your focal point.

Athena is taller than the average height of women in the UK in 2015, which was measured at 161.6cm (5’3″). Athena is 179cm (5’10”) tall. This is a good height for both window displays and fashion displays in store. It is often considered to be beneficial to have mannequins that are slightly taller as it allows for their trousers and skirts to be also in the main focal area.

Athena’s waist is 63cm (25″), her bust is 83cm (33″) and her hips are 88cm (35″). This equates Athena to a UK women’s size 8.

White Gloss Female Mannequin “Athena”:

  • White gloss female mannequin
  • Natural, relaxed pose
  • 179cm (5’10”) tall
  • 63cm (25″) waist
  • 83cm (33″) bust
  • 88cm (35″) hips
  • UK women’s size 8
  • Glass base that attaches through the foot or the back of the calf

If you would like to attract even more attention to your mannequin, then you could use a rotating display. Our rotating mannequin turntable bases come in both black and white versions. Moving displays can help attract attention and have been reported to increase sales by as much as 30% as they capture customer attention for an extra few seconds during the crucial decision making seconds. They can be particularly effective when used in window displays.

If you would like any help, or more information about our mannequins, contact our Display Experts. Please email My Display Expert or call 01329 842 000.

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