Black Gloss Female Mannequin “Odette”


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This black gloss female mannequin is called an Odette. Odette has a featureless face and a circular glass base. This glass base attaches to Odette through her foot or her calf. Odette is a good height for a female mannequin a 177 cm (5’8″) tall.  In addition, she is slim, but not too slim. Odette’s waist is 60 cm (24″) and she has a bust size of 83 cm (32″) and 84 cm (33″) hips.

This black gloss female mannequin has one straight arm and one bent at the elbow. As a result, she is perfect for displaying handbags as well as clothes. Odette’s pose is versatile as her pose is classic. Her pose is relaxed with on hip dropped and one arm bent. Her gloss black finish makes a good contrast with many styles of clothing too.

This style and pose of mannequin is popular with many retail chains and independents alike. She is also available in gloss white. The male black gloss mannequin that complements Odette is called Hal.

Black Gloss Female Mannequin “Odette”

  • Elegantly posed black gloss female mannequin
  • Can hold handbags as well as model clothes
  • Attaches to a glass base via the calf or foot
  • Elegant featureless face
  • 177 cm (5’8″) tall with 83 cm (32″) bust, 60 cm (24″) waist and 84 cm (33″) hips
  • International shipping also available (please call 01329 842 000)

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