Multi-Level Clear Jewellery Stand


PRICE: £10.43 Excl. VAT


This clear jewellery stand has 3 different tiers and is suitable for displaying watches, bracelets, rings and even small ornaments. Each platform is 79 mm wide and can turn independently on its stand. As a result, there is a lot of flexibility for jewellers and retailers when they are creating their display.

If you are displaying rings, you may also like this tiered display which has smaller platforms. In addition to our jewellery displays, we also supply jewellery pricing kits which come in different sizes.

Multi-Level Clear Jewellery Stand

  • This jewellery stand has 3 platforms
  • The platforms rotate on their base independently
  • Ideal for a range of jewellery items as well as ornaments and delicate items
  • 11 cm tall, 100 mm base and 79 mm tier platforms
  • Clear displays ensure that your jewellery stands out most
  • Perfect for creating multi-tiered window and cabinet displays
  • A ring version is also available
  • Look great in combination with watch stands

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