Multi-Level Black Jewellery Display


PRICE: £10.43 Excl. VAT


This black jewellery display has 3 different tiers which measure 79 mm wide. These platforms can be turned on their stand so that retailers can change the display to suit the items that they are merchandising. This multi-level display is particularly good for displaying watches, bracelets and rings.

For those wishing to display delicate pieces, you may prefer our smaller tiered display which has more platforms, but they are smaller. In addition to our jewellery displays, we also supply jewellery pricing kits which come in different sizes.

Multi-Level Black Jewellery Display

  • 3 platforms which are 79 mm wide
  • The platforms rotate on their base independently
  • 11 cm tall with a 100 mm base
  • Perfect for creating multi-tiered window and cabinet displays
  • A ring version is also available
  • Also available in clear
  • Look great in combination with watch stands

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