Tiered Ring Display Stand


PRICE: £22.23 Excl. VAT


This tiered ring display stand has 12 platforms which each measure 40 mm wide and 8 mm deep. As a result, the platforms are perfect for displaying a ring and a price cube if desired. The tiered platforms are made from clear acrylic that is clean and elegant. In addition, because of the clear acrylic all of the focus is on the rings, as opposed to the displays.

This tiered ring display stand allows jewellers to display multiple rings neatly, in a multi-level display. The display is 149 mm high in total. The lowest tier is 32 mm above the base, this is then followed by tiers that are 48 mm, 72 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm, 130 mm and 149 mm above the base.

Tiered Ring Display Stand

  • 12 x 40 mm platforms at 7 heights
  • 149 mm high
  • 145 mm wide
  • Perfect for displaying rings
  • Create attractive multi-level displays

This ring display is perfect for creating elegant and eye-catching window displays.

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