Dark Wood Medium Necklace Stand (30 Cm)

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This is our medium sized necklace stand which is made from dark wood and has hammered finish. It is one of our 3 different dark wooden busts. They can be purchased individually as they are here, or you could opt for a set of 3. This is the medium sized necklace stand which is 30 cm tall. As a result, it is suitable for a range of necklace sizes, but for full flexibility you may prefer to opt for the set.

Dark Wood Medium Necklace Stand

  • Dark wood with a hammered, textured finish
  • A beautiful way to display necklaces in a jewellery display
  • There are also 20 cm and 50 cm necklace holders available in this style
  • For full flexibility, choose the set of 3 busts
  • This bust is 30 cm tall
  • Price cubes are also available

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