Dark Wood Tall Jewellery Bust (50 Cm)


PRICE: £38.70 Excl. VAT


This is the tallest jewellery bust of the 3 we have available in this style. It is 50 cm tall and therefore ideal for long necklace displays. There are also 20 and 30 cm tall options available in this style. In addition, the different heights can be purchased as a set of 3.

This tall jewellery bust is made from a beautiful dark wood which has a textured finish. The texture is described as a hammered finish which describes the small round indentations that are made across the bust. This tall jewellery bust is a great way to make an impression and is a particularly good way to attract attention to a window display cabinet.

Dark Wood Tall Jewellery Bust

  • This bust is tall and elegant
  • Ideal for striking window displays
  • 50 cm tall with a dark wood textured finish
  • also available in 20 and 30 cm
  • Available in a set of 3
  • Price cubes are also available

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