Small Earring Stand | Clear or Black

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Choose between a black or clear small earring stand. These acrylic earring displays are 60 mm high x 60 mm wide. Each small earring stand will hold 5 pairs of studs. Or alternatively, if you would like to display a wider range of earrings, you could display 10 different types of earrings. Some jewellers prefer to display one of each different stud as it allows the to display more of their range. In addition, the contrast between different styles can make it easier for customers to choose.

If you would prefer a larger earring holder, we also have these acrylic earring holders. Both sizes of earring holder complement our simple necklet display stands which are also made of acrylic. Therefore, if you would like a range of easy to use, simple jewellery displays, these acrylics are ideal.

Small Acrylic Earring Stand

  • Clean and simple design
  • Choose between a black or clear acrylic small earring stand
  • Holds 5 pairs of studs, or 10 individual styles
  • 60 mm high x 60 mm wide

The Display Centre specialise in shop fittings and retail display equipment. Our range of jewellery display equipment includes everything from earring stands to price cubes. As well as acrylic stands, The Display Centre offer quirky jewellery stands. Such as these solid wood necklace stands and these elegant mahogany effect watch display cases.

In addition to jewelry stands, we supply rotating display turntables which are excellent for attracting customer attention and for showing off many angles of a product. Our un-powered display turntables can also used at the counter so that shop assistants can show jewellery without having to touch the pieces. This helps prevent marks from being left on the jewellery. This is particularly useful for jewellery companies that need to display precious stones.

If you would like help to find a specific jewellery display or retail POS item, call 01329 842 000 or email My Display Expert.

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