Set Of 13 mm Letters (294 Pieces)

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The Display Centre supply a range of letter boards. These letter boards are ideal for displaying a wide range of information, including menus, salon prices and for retail displays.

This is a set of characters to fit into letter boards. These have a small plastic peg on the back. They simply pop in and out of the small holes in the black peg letter board. The pegs fit into the holes snuggly, and so do not fall out.

These are our 13 mm characters. Numbers are also available in this size. These are our smallest characters which are 13 mm high; our largest are 51 mm high. The different character sizes are suited to different board sizes and also the amount of information that you would like to display on your board. The pegs on the back of the letters are the same size so you can use different character sizes interchangeably and according to preference.

These 13 mm characters are ideal for our medium and coloured frame letter boards. This pack contains 294 letters. These characters are white. For a breakdown of the number of each characters, please visit the table in the photos section of this product.

Set of 13 mm Letters

  • 294 uppercase letters
  • White
  • Will match the white 13mm letters you get in the assorted packs that come with our boards
  • Ideal for our coloured frame boards
  • Easy to use

The Display Centre team are bespoke shop fitting experts. If you are looking for some different letters for pegboards, then please contact our team on 01329 842 000. Please be aware that owing to the tooling costs for bespoke lettering, they are only cost effective for those making large letter orders.

If you would like any information on our characters for letter boards, or any of other products, please call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000 or email My Display Expert.

01329 842 000
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