“Daisy” The Cow Shaped Chalkboard

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The Display Centre supply a range of chalkboards; including this Daisy, the cow shaped chalkboard. These cow shaped chalkboards are ideal for farm shops, cafes and retailers wishing to have a little fun in their store.

Also in our range is Bella the chicken shaped chalkboard. Bella and Daisy get along very well, and together they contribute to interesting displays.

Each cow shaped chalkboard is double sided to allow you more flexibility. So whether you are building a creative window display, an exciting retail display or a display with a sense of humour, these cheeky little cow additions add a whole lot of fun.

Each Daisy cow is 40 cm long and is completely plain black. These chalkboards arrive ready for your informative displays and designs. Daisy is designed to be used in conjunction with our liquid chalk pens.

Daisy is simple to clean. Simply use a damp cloth to remove your designs and start again.

“Daisy” The Cow Shaped Chalkboard

Discover more chalkboards in our chalkboard section. In our range, there are many chalkboards that have wooden frames and that are designed for different uses. Other than Daisy and Bella, our most popular chalkboards are our A-boards and our pudding menu counter top boards.

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