“Bella” The Chicken Shaped Chalkboard

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Everyone needs a chicken shaped chalkboard like Bella. Aside from being an injection of fun, these chicken chalkboards are practical. Bella is double sided to provide plenty of writing space. In addition, is allows retailers some extra versatility.

Each chicken shaped chalkboard comes with some fittings to allow you to suspend the board should you wish. Ideal for farm shops, cafes, independent retailers and those who sell eggs.

Also in our range are our cow shaped chalkboards, which complement these chickens nicely.

“Bella” The Chicken Shaped Chalkboard

To discover more chalkboards visit our chalkboard section. Buy Bella and add atmosphere to your space. In addition, you will encourage customers to look at your menus and promotional messages for longer when you choose a more unusual shape of chalkboard.

Worried about your handwriting? No dramas. Try one of our letter boards instead.

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