White Welly Pegs for Retail (Box 200)

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These white welly pegs for retail can be used for holding together a variety of welly and shoe styles. These pegs are an excellent piece of retail merchandising equipment. They help you to create neater welly and shoe displays. This results in more aesthetically pleasing and inviting displays. In addition, by creating neat pairs, you help your customers to find two the same size quickly and easily.

These welly pegs are made from plastic with a chrome metal spring inset into them. It is these metal springs that ensure that your wellies are held together securely. There is also a loop at the top of the plastic. It is because of these features, welly pegs make your shoes and wellies both easier to merchandise and easier to deal with! As each pair is held together neatly, customers are less likely to ruin your shoe displays by leaving odd sizes together and odd shoes on the floor. In addition, this can help with storage and stock take.

These welly pegs are sold in boxes of 200 ready for retailers to use right away. In addition, bulk discounts are available for large orders.

As well as retailers, many activity centres also use these welly pegs. This is because they make a neat and efficient way of holding together boots ready for campers to borrow, or shoes at an ice rink or bowling alley.

White Welly Pegs for Retail

  • Sold in boxes of 200
  • White plastic with inset chrome springs
  • Hold shoes and wellies together to create neater displays
  • Keep the same sizes together
  • Reduce the risk of customers ruining your displays
  • Bulk discounts for large orders

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