Black Plastic Shoe Hangers for Retail

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These black plastic shoe hangers help retailers merchandise their shoes quickly and easily. They can even be combined with kimble tags so that the shoes do not get split up when customers take them off of the shoe hangers. By hanging shoes, retailers can remove the need to take up large flat surfaces with their shoes. Rather than having to cover tables and waiting for customers to rifle through the sizes, retailers can quickly and neatly hang their shoes.

The black plastic ensures that these hangers will not clash with any of the shoe styles in your range. The shape of these shoe hangers also ensures that retailers can easily apply small promotional stickers to their shoe displays if they want to.

Black Plastic Shoe Hangers

  • Quick and easy way to merchandise pairs of shoes
  • Blank space on the hanger for easy application of promotional stickers & prices
  • Black plastic so that attention is not drawn away from the shoes that you are displaying
  • No minimum order quantities – Ideal for independent retailers
  • Bulk discounts available – Ideal for large retail chains

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