Black Plastic Clips For Trouser Hangers

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These black plastic clips are used by retailers. They are most commonly used to clip over trousers when they are being hung on a clothes hanger centre bar. They help to secure trousers in place on the hanger. This prevents retailers from wasting as much time picking trousers up off the floor and re-hanging them. They are easy to use and are quick to apply. Firstly, hang the trousers over the centre bar of a hanger. Secondly, pop a grip at each end of the centre bar to hold the trousers in place.

These black plastic clips are sold separately so that whether you are a large retailer, or a small one, you are not constrained by minimum order quantities. They are incredibly cost-effective at just 5 pence a clip. This makes it easy for retailers to purchase enough that they can be used throughout a store’s displays. This keeps shop displays tidy and consistent throughout a store.

Dimensions are as follows:

Height: 38mm

Internal width: 15mm

Depth: 9mm

Black Plastic Clips For Trouser Hangers

  • Used to secure trousers onto hanger centre bars
  • Merchandise trousers more neatly
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Suitable for independent retailers – no minimum order quantities
  • Ideal for retail chains – bulk discounts available

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