Single Glass Display Cube


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This is a single glass display cube which can be used to make beautiful displays. They are perfect for creating displays as they ensure that your merchandise is well lit. In addition, they help you to create multi-level displays. Multi-level displays help to attract more customer attention as they are more stimulating than a flat display. Consequently, they increase the chances of your customer coming into your shop or approaching your stand.

This is a kit that contains the correct number of connectors to make your display. These glass cubes are very easy to assemble. The two way glass panel connectors come as part of the kit. The glass panel connectors simply slide over the glass panel. They can then be secured into place by tightening the nylon screw that is part of the connector.

Each glass panel is 5 mm thick and is completely clear to make certain that your customers can view your products easily. The panels come in different sizes so that you can choose the size of your cube. In addition to this single glass display cube configuration, we have many other shapes that are made from these cubes. These include a wide range of shapes so that you can find the configuration that complements your products and space perfectly.

You can view all the configurations on our Glass Cube Display Kits page. There are many to choose from.


Single Glass Display Cube

  • Allows light to reach your product
  • Easy to assemble
  • Clean, beautiful displays
  • Can help to create a multi-level display that attracts more customer attention than a flat one
  • Includes 8 two way connectors
  • Includes 4 glass panels
  • Choose your panel sizes
  • Bulk discounts apply

If you would like any help or information about this single glass display cube, contact our experts. Call 01329 842 000 or email us at My Display Expert.

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