Single Glass Panels


PRICE: From £5.14 Excl. VAT



These glass panels are used to create glass cube display units. Glass cube display units are a popular way to design a wide variety of goods. They are popular for several reasons. Firstly, they allow lots of light into them which ensures that the products are showed off properly. Secondly, the glass is clear and does not draw attention away from the merchandise. Thirdly, there are many kits with different configurations. The various configurations ensure that there is a shape that will suit your display requirements.

These glass panels are sold individually to allow you more flexibility with the configuration of your glass display cubes. However, these glass panels that are sold individually are usually used as spares and extras. The majority of our customers find it much easier to purchase kits that already have the correct number of components included. We have a wide range of kits that are ready for you to build and that already have the right number of components included.

You can find our range of already worked out kits here.

They are very simple to put together. Firstly, slid the connectors over the glass panel. Secondly tighten the connectors using the nylon screws so that they grip the glass panels neatly.

Each glass panel is 5 mm thick and is clear.

Please note that the photo shows a number of panels connected together. This product is only single panels which are sold separately.

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