2 Way Glass Panel Connectors (Single)

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These are two way glass panel connectors which are used to create glass cube displays. Glass cube displays are popular for creating beautiful retail, exhibition and craft displays. They are also loved by veterinary surgeries and dog parlours as they are quick and easy way to merchandise goods that would otherwise lie very flat. Using multi-level displays can be incredibly beneficial to a window display. This is because it helps to attract customer attention and before it creates a more stimulating display. Consequently it holds customer attention for longer and increases the chances of customers coming into the store, or coming over to the display stand.

It can be more cost effective to purchase glass cubes in kits which come in a variety of configurations. These two way glass panel connectors are generally just used as spares or if you need to create a configuration that we don’t already have. As we have such a large number and range of configurations, it is unusual that we don’t have the one that you need. If you need any help working out the number of connectors that you need to make your display, please just call our display experts on 01329 842 000.

These chrome glass panel connectors are finished with a bright chrome which adds to the bright fresh look that glass cube displays create. The connectors are sold separately so that you can choose the exact number that you need.

These connectors are designed for use with glass that is up to 6.35 mm thick. These two way glass connectors have nylon clamp screws.

Price is per item.

If you need any help or information, please do not hesitate to contact our experts on 01329 842 000 or alternatively you can email us at My Display Expert

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