Counter Standing Or Wall Mounted Suggestion Box

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PRICE: £29.81 Excl. VAT


This counter standing suggestion box is designed to be both cost-effective and extremely useful. It has a white acrylic box, with a clear A4 poster holder at the back. This poster holder is ideal as it provides a place for business owners to put a poster. The poster that is placed here is usually designed to encourage customers to fill in their suggestions. In addition, there is also an A6 pocket on the side of the box to hold forms or cards. This is usually used to hold the suggestion cards.

This box can sit on a counter, but it also has holes in it so that it can be fixed to a wall. The box itself, measures 220 mm wide by 150 mm deep and from 90 mm (front) to 140 mm (back) high. The slot measures 160 mm wide by 14 mm front to back.

Counter Standing or Wall Mounter Suggestion Box

  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective design
  • Poster holder to encourage customers to fill in suggestions
  • Leaflet holder on the side to hold suggestion cards or leaflets
  • Can be wall mounted or stood on a counter
  • The poster holder slides out so you can replace the poster
  • Bulk discounts are available

Purchase 5 of these suggestion boxes to get a 15% discount. Or, even better, get a 20% discount when you purchase 10 or more boxes. In addition, if you would like these to be branded they can be.

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