Loop Fastening Tags (Box of 5000)


PRICE: £24.75 Excl. VAT


These Avery Dennison loop fastening tags are for use with our Secur-A-Tach loop fastener gun. This loop fastener gun works much like a kimble tagging gun except you do not need to pierce the item that you are tagging. These loop fastening tags are used for both pricing and for hanging items. These are popularly used for items such as handbag shoulder straps, hanging belts from prong arms and for sunglasses.

These loop fastener tags are in strips of 50 and are sold in boxes of 5000. They are made from clear nylon which is highly durable and is more effective than string or wire. These nylon tags do not suffer from getting wet and are tough. These loops are 5″ (12.7 cm) in length. Therefore, they are ideal for a wide range of tagging and pricing options. 3″ (7.6 cm) and 4″ (10.1 cm) loop tags can be made available on request.

Prior to loop fastener guns, loop tags had to be added by hand. Whereas, owing to Secur-A-Tach loop fastener guns, these tags are a quick and easy tool for retailer that helps with merchandising. These loops are often used in conjunction with prong arms on gridwall, slatwall or shop shelving systems.

The Secur-A-Tach loop fastener gun that these tags are compatible with, is a popular lightweight and easy to use tagging gun. Avery Dennison are known to be excellent manufacturers of tags and loop fastener guns. This is because they produce high quality products that are long lasting.

Loop Fastening Tags

  • Can be used for pricing
  • Also can be used for hanging items
  • Compatible with our Avery Dennison Secur-A-Tach Loop Guns
  • These loop tags are passed around objects and secured, such as handbag shoulder straps
  • Strips of 50, with 1000 tags per box (20 strips)
  • Tags are durable nylon
  • Tags are weatherproof

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