Secur-A-Tach Loop Fastener Gun

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This Avery Dennison loop fastener gun is designed to attach loop fasteners to products such as belts, handbags and sunglasses. Traditionally loop fasteners had to be fastened by hand, which was a time consuming process. However, this Secur-A-Tach loop fastener gun makes using loop fasteners a fast, neat and effective way to label items. In addition, because the fasteners form a loop, they can be used to hang accessories from prong arms.

The loop fastener gun essentially passes the fastener around the item. So for example, you could attach a fastener to a mug handle or a belt loop. For example, these guns are particularly popular for handbag shoulder straps. These loop fastener guns do not have to be reloaded often as they hold 50 tags at a time. These tags simply slot into the top of the gun, much like loading a kimble tagging gun.

The SecurATach loop fastener gun is a popular model as they are lightweight and easy to use. Avery Dennison are known to be excellent manufacturers of these guns and also price guns. This is because they produce high quality products that are long lasting.

Secur-A-Tach Loop Fastener Gun

  • Can be used for pricing
  • Also can be used for hanging items
  • Loop fasteners are passed around objects including handbag shoulder straps
  • Holds 50 tags at a time, reducing reload time
  • Tags are durable nylon
  • Tags are weatherproof

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