Greetings Card Wall Rack With 14 Pockets for 15.2cm (6”) Square Cards


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The Display Centre supply a range of greetings card displays. These include a range of greetings card wall racks.

This wall rack is designed to hold 15.24cm (6”) square cards. The wall rack has 14 pockets that are created from robust wire.

To ensure your cards look their best these greetings card racks are full faced. This means that your card designs are uninhibited by brackets and dividers, instead, there are simply some thin wires that hold them in place.

There is a header clip attached to allow you to display a header card to help drive your greetings card sales.

To create even more striking greetings card displays, mount several racks next to each other and show off the extent of your card range.

Greetings Card Rack For Square Cards

  • 1325mm high x 337mm wide x 55mm deep
  • 14 pockets for 15.24cm (6”) square cards
  • Pocket dimensions: 166mm wide x 186mm drop x 45mm deep
  • 6 colours to choose from
  • Header clip included
  • Easy to wall mount
  • Full faced pockets

If you would like any more information on our card displays, please call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000 or email My Display Expert.

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