Stacking Wire Storage Baskets (500mm Wide)


PRICE: From £22.55 Excl. VAT



The Display Centre supply a range of wire storage baskets that stack. As well as being a useful storage system for stockrooms, they are also suited for use on the shop floor. Many newsagents, hardware stores and greengrocers find these stacking wire baskets a quick and easy way to merchandise goods.

In a way that is similar to dump baskets, these wire storage baskets attract customer attention to special promotions. Retailers can easily place them at the end of an aisle or close to the till. As customers associate baskets with special promotions, these will help you attract customer attention. This will really help you drive your promotions and in such a cost effective way. To drive your sales even more, you may want to combine them with some of our retail promotion tickets and posters.

They are often used for displaying packaged items such as crisps or even impulse items in hardware stores such as tapes and spirit levels. They are also loved by chandlers who need to display many versions of similar items in a relatively small space.

Here, the baskets are sold individually to make it easy for you to choose the size of basket that will suit your merchandise. If you would like to store more than one product type in each basket, please visit our dividers for wire storage baskets page.


Stacking Wire Storage Baskets

  • Suited to both storage and driving sales promotions.
  • Bright zinc finish.
  • A range of depths and heights are available.
  • Choose your basket sizes and combine them in a way that is going to offset your merchandise.
  • These baskets are 500mm wide.
  • 1000mm wide baskets are also available.
  • Compatible with our plinths which have castors to make these even easier to use.

If you would like any help planning your stacked basket configuration, or you would simply like more information, please call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000. Alternatively, please email My Display Expert and someone from our team will answer your questions.

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