Chrome Shoe Mirror For Retail


PRICE: £79.95 Excl. VAT


This chrome shoe mirror is the ideal retail tool. Easily transportable, these shoe mirrors allow customers to admire the shoes that they are trying on. This is an excellent way to encourage shoe sales, as once a customer has tried something on, they are much more likely to purchase it. This is even more relevant when talking about shoes as the fit of high street shoe styles tend to be quite similar.

These mirrors allow customers to look at every angle of their shoes. For this reason, they are particularly useful for bridal shops and suit shops. This is because the dress or suit, can be tried on at the same time as the shoes. These mirrors are then perfect for allowing your customer to assess and approve the combination of their new clothes and shoes.

To make this shoe mirror even more practical for retailers, it has knobs that twist slightly. These knobs allow retailers to change the angle of the mirror. This ensures that you can help your customers admire their shoes whether they are tall or short.

Chrome Shoe Mirror For Retail

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport around a shop
  • Adjustable mirror angle

The mirror is 330 mm (13″) wide and 430 mm (17″) high. The mirror and frame measure 540 mm high (21″). The mirror’s footprint is 300 mm (12″) by 400 mm (16″).

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