Hanger Slip Nots (100 Or 1000 Pieces)

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These are clear hanger slip nots which are used to create a non-slip hanger surface on the shoulders of clothes hangers. The idea is that by attaching these slip nots for hangers, retailers can prevent their clothes from falling on the floor. Consequently, they can avoid wasting time re-hanging and steaming garment items. The slip nots are soft and flexible so that they are easy to use and effective.

The hanger slip nots are 90 mm in length and slip over the shoulders of clothes hangers. They are best suited for use with wooden clothes hangers. We have wooden hangers available in white, black and natural wood to choose from. These slip nots for hangers are clear so that they remain inconspicuous. However, if you would like a more subtle hanger grip solution, try our own brand of hanger grips which are specially designed to be long lasting and subtle. In addition, they come in a selection of shapes and tread types so that you can find the perfect type for your merchandise.

These hanger slip nots are available in box quantities of 100 or 1000, so that you can choose the numbers that will suit your shop size. In addition, there are bulk discounts available.

Hanger Slip Nots (100 Or 1000 Pieces)

  • Choose the quantity of slip nots that you need
  • Choose between boxes of 100 or boxes of 1000
  • Clear to blend with your hanger type
  • Soft and flexible for ease of use & efficiency
  • Bulk Discounts Available
  • Saving retailers time & money

The Display Centre specialise in retail fittings and shop displays. These hanger slip nots are just one of our many hanger grip styles. In addition to hanger grips, we supply a very wide range of goods. This range includes everything from mannequins to shop shelving and from leaflet holders to price cubes.

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