Chrome Adjustable Handbag Stand


PRICE: £18.50 Excl. VAT


This chrome adjustable handbag stand is ideal for displaying bags and purses. It has a shiny chrome finish which is easy to keep clean. It comes in 2 parts. As a result, its height can be adjusted to suit different items.

The adjustable handbag stand measures 129 mm wide and 129 mm deep. In addition, its minimum height it 390 mm and its maximum height is 714 mm. The hanging bar is 5 mm wide, 5 mm deep and 63 mm long. In addition, there is a stopper at the front to prevent items from slipping off. Please note the stand comes with a protective film on the base which needs to be removed before use.


Chrome Adjustable Handbag Stand

  • Ideal for handbag and purse displays
  • Attractive shiny chrome finish
  • Adjustable base to change the height of the unit
  • 129 mm by 129 mm deep
  • Adjusts between 390 and 714 mm high


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