Deep Garment Bags 152 cm Drop

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These deep and long garment bags are shower-proof and make the perfect clothes carriers. They measure 152 cm in drop by 56 cm wide and 22 cm deep (60″ x 22″ x 8.6″). As a result of the depth, these garment bags can hold up to ten items of clothing.

The length of these covers makes them suitable for suits and dresses. They are navy blue with reinforced red piping on the edges. The zip is 3/4 length.

These deep clothes bags are often used for transporting items of clothing. In addition, they are often used for clothes storage as they are durable and can hold multiple items. There are two other lengths that can be chosen as well as a double capacity bag that will hold up to 20 items. The 2 other sizes are a 122 cm drop and a 91.5 cm drop.

If you would prefer a cover that is for your whole garment rail, please visit the garment bags and covers section of our website.

Deep Garment Bags 152 cm Drop

  • Shower-proof
  • Holds up to 10 garments
  • 152 cm (60″) drop
  • 152 cm x 56 cm x 22 cm (60″ x 22″ x 8.6″)
  • Bulk discounts available

Bulk discounts are available for these garment bags when you purchase 3 or more bags.

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