Social dsitancing is a key part of the UK’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to be able to operate safely, businesses need to introduce measures to keep staff and customers safe.

These new products include sneeze guards, visors, floor stickers and till screen. Many of these can be made to suit your particular requirements – please ask.

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Counter Till Screen

£69.54 ExVAT

Disposable Face Shield Visors (10 Pack)

£30.99 ExVAT

Face Visor

£6.25 ExVAT

Flat Pack Till Screen

£62.80 ExVAT

Floor Graphic – Please Wait Here

£16.75 ExVAT

Floor Graphic Vinyl Shoe Foot Silhouettes

£9.99 ExVAT

Floor Standing Sanitising Station

£197.50 ExVAT

Front Fixed Till Screen

£82.04 ExVAT

Hanging Till Screen

£36.00 ExVAT

Large Till Screen

£37.06 ExVAT

Pro Covid 19 Counter Screen

£115.00 ExVAT

Small Till Screen

£32.42 ExVAT

Tabletop Sneeze Guard

£32.95 ExVAT

Variable Till Screen

£86.65 ExVAT

Covid-19 Safety Products