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Ticket Carrier For Over-Arm (Pack Of 100)

From £24.00 ExVAT
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Epos Snap On (100 Pack)

From £7.90 ExVAT
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Pegboard Ticketing

We sell a variety of different pegboard ticketing systems including the Epos Snap On pricing system.

There are several key differences between the Epos Snap On pricing system and the ticket carriers. Firstly, the ticket carriers will hold a paper label inside them whereas the Epos Snap Ons will need a sticker stuck to the front of them.

Secondly, the ticket carriers will only attach to over-arms whereas the Epos Snap Ons only attach to euro arms.

Euro arms have U-shaped ends when viewed from above, whereas over arms have a T-shaped end when viewed from above. The over arms are not designed to hold weight, they are purely for holding prices, whereas the euro arm will hold your prices and your products. The Epos Snap On will fold out when customers take products off the arms.

If you are looking for a pegboard ticketing system but don’t know which would be best, please call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000