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Bag Neck Sealer

£14.50 Excl.VAT

Brown Packing Tape

£2.75 Excl.VAT

Bubble Wrap For Retail

From £30.32 Excl.VAT

Butchers Tape (9mm)

From £0.75 Excl.VAT

Clear Tape

£1.50 Excl.VAT

Counter Tape Dispenser

£4.95 Excl.VAT

Fragile Tape

£1.25 Excl.VAT

Hand Held Tape Dispenser

£4.25 Excl.VAT

Large Double Sided Pads

£5.95 Excl.VAT

Tissue Paper

From £7.95 Excl.VAT

Packaging Consumables

Our range of packaging consumables is suited for a number of purposes. From bubble wrap and tissue paper for wrapping items, to packaging tape and tape dispensers that make wrapping much easier and quicker to do. Never get stuck without the correct packaging for your products. It can disappoint customers and can even result in damaged goods.

We supply a wide range of different materials to help you package many different products. So whether you’re looking for retail packaging, or packaging for your online business, we can deliver.

As well as these packaging consumables, we also supply carrier bags and an assortment of paper bags. Our experts can even brand your carrier bags on request.

If you would like any more help or information on our packaging supplies, please call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000.