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Female Featureless Matt White Mannequin “Jodie”

£236.95 ExVAT
  • Versatile Shop Mannequin
  • 5’8″ Tall

Female Matt White Mannequin with Hair & Features “Jodie”

£239.95 ExVAT
  • Versatile Shop Mannequin
  • 5’9″ Tall

Gloss White Abstract Female (Sitting) “Susan”

£167.95 ExVAT
  • Sitting pose
  • Plinth included
  • Gloss white finish

Gloss White Abstract Male (Arms behind back) “Paul”

£164.95 ExVAT
  • Arms behind back
  • 6.2ft tall
  • Gloss white finish


Gloss White Abstract Male (Arms by side) “David”

£164.95 ExVAT
  • Arms by side
  • 6.2ft tall
  • Gloss white finish


Gloss White Abstract Male (Arms by side) “Harry”

£164.95 ExVAT
  • Arms by side
  • Muscular physique
  • Gloss white finish


Headless Female Matt White Mannequin “Jodie”

£209.95 ExVAT
  • Classic Pose
  • 5’1.5″ Tall

Headless Male Mannequin – Matt White “Jake”

£171.50 ExVAT
  • Male Headless Mannequin
  • 172 cm (5’6″) Tall

Matt White Featureless Full Body Male Mannequin “Tom”

£236.95 ExVAT
  • Egg Head Male Mannequin
  • 179 cm (5’11”) Tall

Matt White Male Mannequin With Features & Hair “Tom”

£239.95 ExVAT
  • Sculpted Features
  • 6’1″ (188 cm) Tall

Matt White Male Mannequin with Sculpted Features “William”

£185.95 ExVAT
  • Tallest Male Mannequin
  • 6’2″ (190 cm) Tall

Adult Mannequins

The better your clothes look, the more of them you will sell. Our range of adult mannequins includes many different styles. These are our most classic styles which come in matt white, gloss white and gloss black.

Whether you need a female or male mannequin, we can help. At different heights, sizes and shapes, our adult mannequins are suitable for displaying wide range of clothing. For ease of use, the majority of our models can be attached to their base through their foot or the back of their calf.

Our range includes sculpted, headless and featureless heads. If you’re looking for a specific colour or style, our team of experts can provide you with a customised solution.

Looking for more a flexible option? We supply a range of poseable and articulated mannequins. In addition, we supply a range of display heads, hands, feet and other display body parts.

Get the retail displays and supplies you need. Call our Display Experts for more information on 01329 842 000