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Adjustable Metal Trouser Hangers

From £0.50 ExVAT

Two Widths To Choose From
Smart Chrome Finish

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Captive Hotel Hangers (430 mm)

£1.95 ExVAT

430 mm From End To End

Ideal For Hotels & B&Bs


Expanding Metal Skirt Hangers

£2.50 ExVAT

Expand From 300 to 500 mm

Black Non-Slip Tips


Metal Blanket Hangers (550 mm)

£4.93 ExVAT

550 mm From End To End

Ideal For Retailers & Hospitals


White Wire Hangers (500 Box)

£30.95 ExVAT

410 mm From Shoulder To Shoulder

Cost Effective Hanging Solution


Metal Hangers

Our range of metal hangers includes a variety of styles to suit your budget, clothing, and shop style.
Our white wire hangers are particularly popular with dry cleaners as they are cost effective, easily replaceable, and come with trouser and shoulder guards which sit over the top of the wire hanger bars to protect your clothing from creasing.

The chrome wire blanket hangers come with a black non-slip rubber finish on the cross bar which prevents blankets falling once hung. These hangers can also be useful for bigger trousers, such as ski trousers as the distance between the top bar and the cross bar is larger. This results in a deeper hanger which can be used for salopettes.
Our chrome expanding skirt hangers also have rubber tips to prevent clothes from falling off once hung up.

We also sell a variety of chrome adjustable peg hangers that can be used for skirts and trousers. Our single peg hangers also have a non-slip finish and are ideal for hanging your accessories such as scarves and gloves.

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