Feature arm rails can display a variety of clothes in a small amount of space, and will help your customers find the right sizes easily Read more…

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Feature Arm Rails

Our feature arm rails are popular with many clothing retailers. There are four different arm options that you can purchase with your rail, and they come in a chrome finish. There are straight arms that have a flat metal plate at the end to stop clothes falling off the front of the rail. They can be positioned at different heights to create a multi-level display to lead your customer’s eye around your product range. The chrome feature stepped arms also create multi-level displays. Each stepped arm has two hanging levels with the lowest level at the front allowing you to display two different items per arm.

We also supply sloping ball arms that have small metal balls on them to hold clothes in place on the slope. These can be placed at different heights to show off more than one product in the same space.

These arms also make it easy for customers to view the different sizes of one style, making the sales journey quick and simple. By mixing the arm rails we sell, you can create visually interesting displays to catch the eye of your passing customers, boosting your sales.

If you are looking for a different arm rail combination or an alternative finish, please contact one of our Display Experts or call 01329 842 000