Display Centre’s Pledge To Youth Employment UK

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Display Centre’s Pledge To Youth Employment UK

Youth Employment UK - YEUK

About Youth Employment UK

The Display Centre recently made a pledge to YEUK (Youth Employment UK) as part of the Young Professional Programme. The YEUK programme seeks to change the way that young people see themselves. As well as the way that prospective employers see them. The programme explores 12 skills and behaviours that employers look for in young professionals and helps to support young people who would like to develop these. As a result, YEUK young professionals can take their professional development into their own hands.

This growth and learning is supported through the Young Professional Hub and through the support of company pledges. The aim of the programme is to enable young people to take ownership of their professional development and to help employers recognise their YEUK young professional status.

YEUK CEO Laura-Jane Rawlings:

At YEUK we believe every young person has the right to be inspired and empowered to achieve their potential. The YEUK Young Professional Membership puts the tools into young people’s hands to begin to change the way they and the world see them.


Smart suit. Youth Employment UK


The Display Centre & Youth Employment UK

The Display Centre’s Directors want to help young people grow. YEUK’s Young Professional Programme gives young professionals the chance to develop their employability skills. In addition, the programme members also learn things about themselves such as what their leadership style is. The Young Professionals can then take a test which they pass at 80%. Consequently they receive access to a hub of resources that include TED talks and online courses. In addition, young professionals can talk about their learning on their CVs and LinkedIn profiles. This is of course in addition to the huge benefits that will be obvious during interview stages.


Chris Jones, one of The Display Centre’s Directors said:

As the proud father of two young adults, I am of the opinion that the UK’s education system does not provide the employability skills that young people need in order to be able to thrive in the workplace.  I completely understand why this is the case and am concerned that many people in career advisory roles may have qualifications but lack the hands-on experience of being an employer. I believe that my experience (20 years in the Civil Service and 12 years running my own company)  puts me in a perfect position to help young people improve their employability and I am itching to make a difference (because I can).



The Display Centre Pledges To Support YEUK Young Professionals

The Display Centre have pledged to support young professionals by:

  1. Guaranteeing any Young Professional who applies for a job, an automatic telephone interview.
  2. Encouraging our employees under the age of 21 to become Young Professionals.
  3. Offering any Young Professional who makes contact with Chris Jones, 30 minutes of career mentoring. This can be used for a CV/cover letter review, dummy interview, interview tips or another career subject.


This is the logo for the charity that The Display Centre supports which is called Youth Employment UK


How To Join In The YEUK Pledge

Organisations can sign up to YEUK by visiting their Organisation Membership Sign Up page. Young professionals can sign up for free by visiting the YEUK Young Professional Membership Sign Up page. The sign up sheets are simple to fill in and once you have joined you are sent information and guidance on how you can help.

Shona Lomas, Membership Manager for YEUK said:

By signing up for YEUK Young Professional membership, young people between the ages of 16-24 are joining a group of young people committed to taking control of their future. After completing an introduction to professional skills and behaviors they’ll get access to a range of resources to help develop these areas for the world of work. Gain a better understanding of what employers look for in an ideal candidate, learn how to clearly demonstrate professional development and feel empowered.

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