Shop & Display Equipment Discount Card 2018

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Shop & Display Equipment Discount Card 2018

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The Display Centre offers it’s customers a Shop & Display Equipment Discount Card. The Discount Card provides a number of benefits including 10% off all standard orders and exclusive discounts.

Joining as a card member is simple and free. Simply complete the web form below to join.


More About Discount Card Membership:

Shop & Display Equipment Discount Card


  • Save 10% on all standard orders
  • Use your discount card number online (UK deliveries only), over the phone or by email
  • Card membership is free
  • The card allows members to unlock a variety of exclusive discounts
  • The card is open to businesses of all sizes
  • Multiple members from the same business may join the scheme
  • A membership card and prospectus is sent to you upon application confirmation




Joining as a member is easy, simply complete the brief application form below.

Shop & Display Equipment Discount Card Application

Please complete the form below to apply for Shop & Display Equipment Discount Card Membership
  • By using this form I agree to my data being used to pursue our legitimate interests in a way which might reasonably be expected as part of running our business and which does not materially impact your rights.


Supplier Comparison Request Forms

To secure the best prices we encourage businesses to provide us with purchase information so that we can provide the most relevant and competitive quotes possible. Please download a Supplier Comparison Request Form and email it to [email protected] Alternatively, please call our team on 01329 842 000 or use the contact us page.

If you have a formal tender that you would like us to take part in, please email us at [email protected]


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Learn More About Us & How We Work For You

Read our Shop Fittings & Displays Prospectus to find out why our customers love us.

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More About The Display Centre

You’ll love us. From shop shelving to bespoke mannequins and from storage racking to cable displays, we have over 4,000 items in our range that help businesses like you create effective displays. Our experienced team of dedicated account managers help you find the displays that boost your customer service and sales, while also protecting your budget. Our holistic approach offers more than just the supply of displays, there are additional services that can be offered to multi-site business.

The Display Centre’s additional services and benefits for multi site businesses include:

  • Tailored catalogues specifically for your shops
  • Branded branch toolkits
  • Bespoke ordering web portals for store teams
  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • Onsite support and display advice
  • Rebates
  • Layout guidance
  • Service level agreements
  • One-Stop-Shops solutions


Membership Card Terms and Conditions

1. Discounts cannot be used to pay for taxes, shipping, bespoke goods or other charges. 2. Discount Card Membership entitles you to a percentage off the prices of online orders. 3. Your Discount Card discounts cannot be combined with other offers, except as permitted by the business. This includes if you have special prices already agreed.  4. All offers subject to availability. 5. Members can opt out of membership at anytime. 6. In the event of any dispute, the decision of The Display Centre is final. 7. In the event of goods being returned, only the amount that was paid for the goods will be refunded. 8. The Display Centre reserves the right to change there terms and conditions at any time.

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