Our range of shop mannequins includes sculpted full body, headless and faceless mannequins, as well as male, female and unisex options with a variety of poses; you can buy mannequin online via our website.

We offer shop mannequins for sale and for us, it’s not just business, getting you the best display model that is fit for purpose is personal. Our team of mannequin retail & shop fitting experts can also create a bespoke colour and finish option if you need one.

shop mannequins Midlands UK
Shop Display Mannequin Male Mannequins London

The better your clothes are displayed with a shop mannequin display, the more customers are drawn to them and buy them. Our range of adult shop mannequins includes many different styles. At different heights, sizes, shapes, and poses, our mannequins are suitable for displaying wide range of clothing.

We supply a range of poseable and articulated fashion mannequin for sale. Send us the details of the shop mannequin form you want and we’ll be back in touch.

Some of Our Mannequins

Our shop mannequin ranges makes it easy for you to find the right style for your shop. The different age ranges, gender, poses and styles contribute to your shop’s overall atmosphere and should be chosen to suit your displayed clothing or jewellery products and other shop displays. We work with independents to multi-nationals, charities, fashion retailers, sports shops, country stores, museums, schools and many others. Here is a gallery of some of our shop mannequins:

Male Mannequin Pose Seating Chelmsford
Male Mannequin Pose Hands Behind Bath
Female Mannequin Pose Hands on Hip Reading
Headless Mannequins Bristol
Female Mannequin Seating Pose Oxford
Female Tailor's Dummy Birmingham
Baby Mannequins United Kingdom
Mannequin Head with Features Milton Keynes

Send us the details of the mannequin form you want and we will promptly get back in touch.