5 Retail Easter Window Display Ideas

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5 Retail Easter Window Display Ideas

Tissue Paper Flowers For A Window Display

A creative window display is a great way to attract attention. It’s often the most fun to create an interesting window display when there is a seasonal theme that can be capitalised on. Easter is one of these fantastic opportunities to do so. Most visual merchandisers aim to change their window displays at least every two weeks. This helps to stop even regular passers-by from getting used to the window and becoming de-sensitised.  If you were going to purchase brand new props for every display, it could become expensive. So most independent retailers aim to purchase props that are re-useable or that can be sold at a later date.

The extent to which you push your theme should depend on the products that you sell, on the amount of window space that you have and how brave you’re feeling. For example in the window of a bridal shop, the display could be made to look Easter-y with Narcissus flowers and artificial grass under the feet of the mannequins modelling some spring wedding wear. Whereas with gift shop items, the flowers and grass could be used. But to really attract attention, giant wrapped Easter eggs and artificial birds holding gift ribbon while being suspended from the ceiling as though flying could be used.

Here are 5 Easter window display ideas to get you ready for your window displays this year:

1) Pastel Colours

Pastel colours are heavily associated with Easter. So, what better way to get tucked into a theme, than to use the right colours? This doesn’t mean your whole display has to be strictly pastel colours, but it is usually wise to stick to a colour way and to only integrate a few colours. Although the aim is to create something eye-catching, if the window display is too busy it can be overpowering. As a result, unfortunately, the display can become too overwhelming and potential customers do not clearly get the message of what you sell.

For these reasons, using pastel colours is still a great idea, but use them carefully. For example, if your whole background is made from pastel colours, then try to keep the middle and foreground less colourful to provide some contrast. This doesn’t mean it has to be starved of pastels all together, but consider using flourishes such as these pastel coloured Easter eggs.


These Easter egg props are a great way to create colourful Easter retail window displays.


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2) Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a fantastic way to give a window display extra texture. In addition, it is a great way to get green, one of the most naturally pleasing colours, into your window display. It’s also a great way to brighten up what is often a very grey and concrete filled high-street.

It doesn’t have to be just an Easter thing either. It can be used throughout the spring and even brought out again for some summer window displays too. It’s usually a good idea to bring it out for a few weeks and then put it away for a couple of weeks before bringing it out again. This helps prevent your window display from becoming less impactful. Of course, fake grass isn’t going anywhere either, so as long as you have somewhere to store it, there is nothing to stop you bringing it out again year on year.

These squares of grass with daisies are excellent window display props for retail windows with a spring theme. They make excellent spring retail displays.

3) Animals

You can either make animals a big part of your display, or a finishing flourish. They can make excellent touches of detail to keep potential customers looking to your window for a bit longer. Alternatively, they can form part of your centre piece to attract their attention in the first place. It should depend on your product, shop style and of course, your personal preference.

For example a couple of these little bunnies in the corners while your mannequins take centre stage are a great way to generate interest without stealing the show. You could even place small, delicate, artificial butterflies in corners and in subtle places. For example you could place on on the ear of a bunny and another on one of your mannequin’s hands. If you have an articulated mannequin, you could even raise their hand so it looks as though they are studying the small butterfly that has landed on their hand.


Easter Rabbit Window Display


4) Flowers

Flowers are a great way to inject some colour into a window display for many different themes. But they are particularly great around Easter. There are some fantastic false flowers around, including the ones in our range. These are often the best way to splash some colour into your display. Particularly as you can get them out for several occasions throughout the year; particularly Easter and Mother’s Day.

Put them in your mannequin’s hands or stand them in pots around the floor of the display. Alternatively, you could even make flowers out of tissue paper and suspend them from the ceiling to give your display height and colour. Here are some that we made recently:

Tissue Paper Flowers For A Window Display


5) Wicker Baskets

There’s nothing more exciting that a picnic basket – particularly if it’s brimming with Easter eggs. Our cotton lined wicker baskets are ideal for Easter displays and are shopping baskets. So, when they’re done being displays, you can offer them to customers for carrying things.

These wicker baskets make excellent shopping baskets, as well as great easter display props.


These are just a few Easter ideas to get you going. Do you have an Easter display you’re particularly proud of? Or a fantastic idea that you’d like to share? Write in the comments below or email me – I’d love to feature them in one of our blogs!

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